CURB firmly believes that research is strongest when it is created and conducted by students with diverse backgrounds and academic interests. We would like to reaffirm our commitment to promoting and advocating for diversity in research.


CURB firmly believes that Black Lives Do Matter. Research is the foundation of the ideas and technologies that determine how we live, thus improving academic representation is critical to fighting systemic racism. We are taking further measures to improve the research opportunities available to those historically underrepresented in academia such as gaining a better understanding of racism within our research community, working with the university’s research faculty, increasing the reach of CURB’s programming, as well as promote and amplify the work of people of color in STEM, the social sciences, and the humanities. We recognize that our work to support our black students and peers is a mission that extends beyond this year and are fully committed to supporting and strengthening the research interests of everyone in our community. 


As the Cornell Undergraduate Research Board, we look forward to providing resources, opportunities, and diverse voices to provide a more equitable and just future. We have outlined a few resources on our website to start with for this year and will continue to build on this effort throughout the year. 


We stand with our international student peers who are currently fighting against the current restrictions set in place by ICE. We would like to help international students continue to engage with research, and we will deliver our programs irrespective of students’ physical location. We are currently adapting our programs to virtual formats such that while being mindful of public health, our events will be accessible to all.


As we obtain more details about how this semester will look and in what formats we can carry out the above listed initiatives, we will continue to update our website and notify our G-Body.


We look forward to seeing you all next semester and advancing the landscape of undergraduate research!


Cornell Undergraduate Research Board

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