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The Cornell Undergraduate Research Board (CURB) seeks to enhance the Cornell undergraduate experience by promoting and enriching undergraduate research on campus. CURB is committed to fostering academic excellence through undergraduate interaction at events that bring student endeavors to the forefront of the Cornell community's attention. There's no typical undergraduate experience, and furthermore, there is no typical undergraduate research experience. CURB's mission is to help undergraduates with a nascent desire for research to find their niche at Cornell; a process that we hope aids them in defining themselves and their dreams for the future.
The seal of the Cornell Undergraduate Research Board is pictured above. The circle alludes to the all-encompassing nature of CURB. We actively seek to include students from all nine colleges at Cornell. The four letters of our acronym represent a keyhole, alluding to Franklin's experiment, and symbolize the spirit of curiosity and achievement that we seek to encourage.

The Cornell Undergraduate Research Board is a registered independent student organization of Cornell University.

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