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One of CURB’s key events is the annual Spring Symposium. Similar to the Fall Forum, hundreds of undergraduates from all majors and disciplines have presented their hard work for over 25 years in undergraduate forums. In addition, keynote speakers including Harold Varmus (Nobel Laureate in Physiology) have addressed research and Cornell communities with words of advice to help guide students on their paths to the future.

This event gives undergraduate students in all fields the opportunity to share their findings and results with the Cornell community in a poster competition. By hosting the Spring Symposiumum, one of Cornell’s largest undergraduate research colloquium, we hope to stress the importance of undergraduate research and give our student presenters the opportunity to gain valuable feedback on their work, practice their science communication skills, and make an impact on other undergraduates who may be wondering whether they should join Cornell’s research community too.



Spring Symposium 2022

Scan below to Access the Abstract Booklet!
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Spring Symposium 2021

2021 Finalists

Applied Research​

Best in Category

Stephie Lux - Winner

Raye Liu

Ja Young Byun

Best Science Communication

Shreya Venkatesh - Winner

Antonio Martinez

Best in Scientific Graphics

Amol Paranjape - Winner


Best in Category

Charlotte Borgers - Winner

Emi Carpenter

Social Impact Award

Catherine Gorey - Winner

Yifei Wang

Elita Gao

Life Sciences

Best in Category

Garrett Ruff - Winner

Yochabed Miliard

Akanksha Acharya 

SeJin Park

Best Science Communication

Viktoria Catalán - Winner

Poster Presenter Abstracts

This year, each presenter prepared a video abstract to describe their research project. To access a specific presenter's video, please click on their name below. If a presenter does not have a linked video abstract, you can find their written abstract in the abstract booklet below. 

Spring Symposium 2019

Previous Keynote Speakers

Harold E. Varmus - Spring Symposium 2019

Harold Varmus, M.D., shared a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1989 with J. Michael Bishop, M.D. for their discovery of the cellular origin of retroviral oncogenes. In 1993, President Bill Clinton appointed him as the first Nobel laureate to direct the National Institutes of Health (NIH). There, he recruited top researchers as directors, helped to initiate a doubling of the NIH budget, and established PubMed Central, a free archive of published papers.


Michael Kotlikoff - Spring Symposium 2018

Michael I. Kotlikoff is an American researcher, academic leader, and veterinarian, who is currently the Provost of Cornell University. He has been continuously funded by the NIH since 1986, and made significant contributions to muscle biology, heart repair, and mouse genetics.

Harold Varmus Headshot
Michael Kotlikoff Headshot
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